The Greatest Secret to Success? Do Less.

Yes, it’s true!

Have you ever heard the term, “Less is more“? This quote has been the biggest lesson for me so far this year. Let me explain.

I am currently enrolled in school full-time, working full-time, interning part-time, and let’s not forget I am a 24/7/365 mom. I know it sounds like a lot, and that’s because it is. That is a no-brainer. Often, I found myself contemplating, “what can I take off my plate?”, and in all reality the answer is nothing.

My job provides the income that I need keep my son and I alive, my education will increase my knowledge of marketing and (hopefully) my income, and the internship will teach me the in-betweens that I don’t learn in school. So everything is perfectly where it needs to be… right? Right! If I had to do this all over again, I’d completely do it, this time with a smile. The only problem is, I can’t give each individual task my all.

While working assignments, I constantly found myself thinking about the next. Which means I was not committing myself fully like I should be.

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